National Urban Park

In August 2021, a statement of collaboration was signed between Halifax Regional Municipality and Parks Canada National Urban Parks Program to create a National Urban Park. Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes is one of four sites shortlisted across Canada for this potential designation. The new National Urban Park Program is a $130 million investment designed to support creating a network of national urban parks across Canada.


As part of Budget 2021’s investment of $2.3 billion in “Canada’s Nature Legacy,” funds earmarked to protect biodiversity, conserve nature, and create jobs in nature conservation, up to $130.9 million was set aside expressly to create a network of National Urban Parks in cities across the country. . . .

Following the example of the Rouge National Urban Park, a protected wilderness of nearly 80 square kilometres on the eastern edge of Toronto, the program would set up a network of similar national parks, funded, managed and protected by Parks Canada, within the borders of major urban areas across the country.

Saskatoon, Windsor and Winnipeg are also being evaluated. Each has signed statements of collaboration with Parks Canada to create National Urban Parks within their borders.

An initial step for HRM is an RFP, Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes Comprehensive Study, issued on January 14, 2022.

In 2023, Friends of BMBCL developed a position paper. The paper identifies and references challenges facing the Wilderness area. It also makes recommendations for park planning. To access the paper, click here.

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