The role of a Trail Steward will be to monitor activity of other hikers on the trails within the park. Trail Stewards will be expected to engage hikers, where appropriate, and in a non-confrontational way, look for opportunities to educate hikers on appropriate trail use. Trail Stewards are expected to help maintain the trails by picking up garbage and may be asked to assist in rehabilitating trail damage caused by overuse.

Training is being provided through the Bluff Wilderness Trail Association. In return, the association asks that any time you hike through one of their trails you submit an incident report to them, if required. Incident reporting will be discussed at the training sessions.

Please check our Events page to find the latest Trail Stewardship training sessions. By applying to participate, you are committing to assisting with the Stewardship Program for the Blue Mountain–Birch Cove Lakes Regional Wilderness Park.